alysebiopic2Summer is a great time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new projects, or perhaps completing work in progress. Reading, of course, is key to all of these. With this in mind, we asked the librarians at St. John’s about books they will be reading over the next few months. The library has put up a display featuring the responses we received — it’s on the 3rd floor of St. Augustine Hall. We’ll be posting the individual entries here throughout the summer.

Alyse Hennig, an assistant archivist in the University Archives, writes:

If your summer plans include discovering new products at local farmers markets, saving money by cooking meals at home with some basil that you grew in your windowsill, or scoping out trendy NYC restaurants with organic and locally-sourced food, Novella Carpenter’s memoir, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer will inspire you to expand your horizons. Starting her own urban farm on an abandoned lot in a rough section of Oakland, Novella’s experience is much more than tips on growing food and raising livestock. She illustrates the hard work and dedication required daily on an urban farm, what it really means to “eat locally”, feed a community. Farm City also provides a new understanding of exactly where your food comes from – will you still want to eat bacon if you have to raise the pig, kill it and butcher it yourself? Farm City will make you laugh out loud (raising your own farm animals is bound to be an adventure) and might make you appreciate each meal you eat a little bit more. After the book, keep following Novella Carpenter on her blog Ghost Town Farm (