Bill Keogan

Summer is a great time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new projects, or perhaps completing work in progress. Reading, of course, is key to all of these. With this in mind, we asked the librarians at St. John’s about books they will be reading over the next few months. The library has put up a display featuring the responses we received — it’s on the 3rd floor of St. Augustine Hall. We’ll be posting the individual entries here throughout the summer.

Bill Keogan, an associate professor in the Reference Department, writes:

One book I have been reading this summer is American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Cultures of North America, by Colin Woodard.   The book’s subtitle pretty much tells what the book is about.  The fascinating thing is how the backgrounds of the founders of these “nations” (Yankeedom, New Netherland, the Midlands, Tidewater, Greater Appalachia, the Deep South, New France, El Norte, the Left Coast, the Far West, and First Nation) hundreds of years ago are still influencing the cultures of these regions today.