IMG_5991 lucy 2Summer makes a great time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new projects, or perhaps completing work in progress.  Reading, of course, is key to all of these.  With this in mind, we asked the librarians at St. John’s about books they will be reading over the next few months.  The library has put up a display of the answers we received—it’s on the 3rd floor of St. Augustine Hall.  We’ll be posting the individual entries here throughout the summer.

Lucy Heckman, an associate professor and head of the Reference Department, writes:

During the summer, I especially enjoy reading books related to history and biography, particularly biographies of presidents including Lincoln and Wilson and of famous Americans, including Alexander Hamilton and Joseph P. Kennedy.   I am interested in British history and biography, including those by Alison Weir and Carolly Erickson.   Among my favorite histories and biographies are: The War of the Roses by Alison Weir; Queen Isabella by Alison Weir; The First Elizabeth by Carolly Erickson;  Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin;  Woodrow Wilson by John Milton Cooper, Jr.; Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow; Mellon: an American Life, by  David Cannadine;  and The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age, by Janet Wallach.  I also enjoy historical fiction most notably the Hillary Mantel books Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. Lately, I am rereading historical fiction by Irving Stone.