EBSCOhost recently launched a mobile app for Android and iPhone, making it much easier to find and read articles on those devices. The app is fairly intuitive, and reproduces many of the features of the regular version, including saving and e-mailing articles, and limiting to a specific journal or date range. By default, the app searches all of EBSCOhost’s databases simultaneously, so users who are looking for information from a specific discipline may want to limit their search to a specific database, a list of which may be found by clicking on settings, at the bottom of the page.

Users should be aware that the EBSCOhost app does not use natural language, meaning you will not retrieve useful search results if you simply enter a string of search terms. For example,

mitt romney south carolina retrieved only 42 articles

mitt romney and south Carolina retrieved 711 articles

There are a couple of minor flaws in this app – the autocomplete feature under settings does not seem to work, for example. Neither does the button for re-sorting search results by publication date.

Nonetheless, the EBSCOhost app is a welcome development, and is far preferable to using the regular version of EBSCO on your smart phone.

To install the EBSCOhost app on your Android or iPhone, go to any EBSCO database through the SJ Libraries home page, such as

Academic Search Premier

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click New! EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications. This will prompt you for your e-mail address, to which EBSCO will send a key and instructions for downloading the EBSCOhost app.