St. John’s University Libraries and the Honors Program invite you to join the Great Books Discussion Group!

Registration and a “meet & greet” meeting will be held today, September 13, 2010 at 4:30 PM in the Honors Commons (1st floor, St. Augustine Hall)

Membership in the Great Books Discussion Group (GBDG) is not limited to students in the Honors Program — it is open to all STJ students, faculty and staff. Using the Great Books Foundation anthology Even Deadlier, each GBDG meeting will focus on a short story dealing with one of the “deadly sins.” Multiple copies of the anthology will be on reserve and available for loan at the Service Desk on the third floor in the library (St. Augustine Hall).

Schedule of GBDG meetings and topics:

9/13/2010: Registration and Meet & Greet
10/18/2010: Pride
11/15/2010: Envy
12/6/2010: Anger
2/7/2011: Sloth
3/14/2011: Greed
4/11/2011: Gluttony/Lust
All GBDG meetings will be held on the above dates at 4:30 PM in the Honors Commons.
For more information, contact Prof. Caroline Fuchs at x 5050 or or Prof. Arthur Sherman at x6715 or .

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