Summer – a time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new projects, or perhaps completing work in progress.  With this in mind, we have asked some faculty members at St. John’s what they are reading this summer.

Prof. Louis DiGena,  Associate Professor & Chair of the Fine Arts Department, writes:

This summer I’m planning on reading How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer.  I first was introduced to Jonah Lehrer through WNYC’s Radio Lab show on “Musical Language.” Jonah was one of the contributors to the section on how our brains respond to sound.  They mentioned his forthcoming book Proust Was a Neuroscientist. I was interested in the subject of neuroscience, and here was a book on neuroscience and art.  I got it as soon as it was available, and since then, I’ve read it three times.

 How We Decide touches upon observations similar to those Malcolm Gladwell made in his best-seller Blink. It explores the parts of the brain responsible for the decisions we make.  The emotional and rational brain is in constant flux and plays a key roll in how we decide.  I feel How We Decide will shed some light on the subject and help me make better decisions.