Summer – a time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new projects, or perhaps completing work in progress.  With this in mind, we have asked some faculty members at St. John’s what they are reading this summer.

Dr. George McCartney, Professor of English in the university’s  College of Professional Studies, writes:

I am reading Beet by Roger Rosenblatt this summer. Having gotten through the first two-thirds of this novel, I can testify unflinchingly that anyone who has attended, is attending, or will attend college and anyone else who has had or may have the doubtful pleasure of knowing anyone who has in any way been involved with college education must read this book as soon as possible. It tells the awful truth about higher education as it is peculiarly practiced in the United States today. But take preventive caution before opening the book. Rosenblatt, like his master Evelyn Waugh, has the rare and enviable talent of making one laugh loudly while reading. Accordingly, you should read his novel in the relative privacy of the most sound-insulated room in your home to avoid offending your family and neighbors who otherwise will doubtlessly think your noisy mirth a rude comment on whatever lesser tasks they happen to be undertaking