Summer – a time for catching up, relaxing, exploring, starting new  projects, or perhaps completing work in progress.  With this in mind, we have asked some faculty members at St. John’s what they are reading this summer.

Natalie Byfield, Assistant Professor in the Department of  Sociology and Anthropology, writes: 

This summer one of the books I’ll be reading is Communication as Culture: Essays on Media and Society by James Carey.  In this collection of essays, Carey argues that in Western society the term “communication” means both arriving at a shared meaning and the transmission of information.  He maintains that scholars of communication have not adequately addressed this bifurcated meaning.  He concludes that we need to sort out the significance of this duality in meaning in order to develop a better understanding of the role of language in

Carey’s work greatly influenced media studies, one of my areas of research.  Through my research of media organizations and media products, like television news programs and newspaper articles, I came across Carey’s work.  As I prepare to teach the course Global Communications this coming fall, my first thought was to return to James Carey.  Not only is the subject apropos for my fall teaching, but the ease and the clarity with which he writes makes him a pleasurable read.  Besides, essays are just fun to read.