While we offer a number of workshops regarding library research — including  the finding, evaluating, organizing, citing, and publishing of research  —  the issue of “plagiarism” rivals both “bad research” and “disinformation”  in terms of  academic and professional concerns.

The library is proud to work in conjunction with the LEAD program to offer workshops to student leaders who would like to more fully understand the issues behind plagiarism and the fallout of  plagiarism outside the university.*    Our next Joint  Library-LEAD session will be on March 23rd during Common Hour.  For more information and registration for this workshop, please click here.  

L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education, And Development) is a non-credit program of individual and group training, workshops and overnight conferences dedicated to helping St. John’s University students interested in developing and enhancing their leadership skills. Sponsored by the Department of Student Life, L.E.A.D. complements the student’s education by teaching skills and providing students with the tools necessary for effective leadership.  Through the student’s involvement in L.E.A.D., he or she will begin to hone their knowledge and understanding of time management, decision-making, proper planning, critical thinking, oral presentation and much more.

For more information on LEAD, see their website)   For more information about the LEAD Student Leadership Program or Women In Leadership Program, contact Natalie Maio at (718) 990-2103 or LEAD@stjohns.edu.  For questions about the Servant Leadership Program, contact Maggie Bach at (718) 990-7681 or LEAD@stjohns.edu.

(* As noted in an earlier entry,  plagiarism is not the same as copyright violation, although one issue may “complicate” the other, inside or outside the university) .