As we approach the end of semester crunch, many students will be spending lots of time in the library working on research papers and studying. They’ll need coffee, lots of coffee, to fuel themselves and will likely consider printing reams of electronic documents as part of their research. Whether you’re a student or not, here are two easy ways to set a good example and  reduce your carbon footprint, while still getting your caffeine quota:

Bring a mug: How many cups of coffee do you buy a day? A week? A month? You probably assumed that paper coffee cups are recyclable. Unfortunately, they’re not, due to the plastic coating that keeps your hot beverage from disintegrating the paper fiber. Bringing an insulated mug means saving all those cups – plus the accompanying plastic lids and paper sleeves.

Use RefWorks: How often do you print or copy an interesting article or website that does not have immediate relevance, but that you want to be sure to read later? Then you forget about it or it gets lost in the clutter – you know it’s there somewhere, but you have to discover and print it all over again. Use RefWorks instead! It will save you time and keep all your references neatly organized – without wasting paper. Find out more at

A small change can make a big difference, so why not green the place up while you get your work done!