Although Christmas ads have been running for much longer that I think should be permissible, the Christmas season is finally upon us. It is not Christmastime in my world until Santa rolls down 5th Avenue after all those big balloons. A season of generosity and kindness. In these challenging economic times perhaps it is not so easy for us all to be financially generous but it costs us nothing to be kind.

This past Tuesday I was invited to give a presentation to the Wantagh Preservation Society on Long Island. My grandfather liked to use the expression “it went off without a hitch.” Well, this presentation went off but with every available hitch, if that is possible. In other words, the presentation turned out fine in the end but everything that could go wrong on along the way did.

First I lost my USB flash drive with the presentation on it. Lovely. I had to get another one, load the presentation onto it, and race to the library where my presentation was scheduled to take place.

Then my laptop wouldn’t let me login. Yes, that was a spectacular display of panic. Fortunately though, the father of a dear friend of mine works at the library where I was freaking out. He made a quick phone call and my friend was on her way with her laptop.

When my presentation was complete, I went home to find a nice email from a St. John’s student who found my USB flash drive in the school’s parking lot; my contact information was in a document on the flash drive. This very thoughtful, considerate human being brought my flash drive back to me this morning.

With all the kindness that surrounds me, I’d like to use this last blog entry opportunity to promote a little more.  St. John’s offers many opportunities for us to help those in need. One small way you can help is to donate non-perishable food item to our library from now until Sunday, December 13. In exchange for you donation, we will waive an outstanding library fine that you may have. You do not have to have a fine to participate in the Food for Fines program. Help a friend. Bail a professor out. Just give to help those in need.

Perhaps though, you looking for something bigger to do to make a positive difference in the world; a place to volunteer your time and skills or an employment opportunities at non-profit organization. I highly recommend checking out ; a project put forth by a project Action Without Borders, a nonprofit, apolitical, organization working to connect people, organizations, and resources to build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

I’d like to thank the LiBlog Committee for inviting me to be the first Guest Blogger in the Guest Blogger of the Month Series. I had a wonderful time sharing my interests and favorite resources on LiBlog. Thank you all for reading and I wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season.