St. John’s University Libraries & The Friends of the Library

are pleased to announce

The First Annual Undergraduate

Applied Social Justice Research Essay Competition



The competition is open to all current St. John’s University undergraduate students of any discipline. Essays will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Excellence in undergraduate research with extensive use of the St. John’s Libraries’ collections
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate and synthesize library resources
  • Shows evidence of developing an understanding for the processes of research and inquiry
  • Cogent explanation of relationship between this research and applied Catholic social justice teaching
  • Displayed originality of thought and depth of research
  • Clarity of the writing, organization and proper documentation
  • No more than 12 double-spaced pages (entries can be between 5 and 12 pages) using standard 12-point font
  • Properly cited and formatted using MLA, APA, Chicago or appropriate discipline citation standards

Research projects may be either based upon independent research or a class assignment, and must have been completed during the 2009-2010 academic year. By submitting an essay for consideration, applicants certify that the essay is his/her own work, and that all sources have been given proper credit. All essays must be written in English. Essays will be reviewed by an academic committee.

Applicants are required to submit their contact information, a brief abstract, and the bibliography, along with a letter of recommendation from a supervising faculty member, no later than February 1, 2010.

The deadline for submission of the essay is February 26, 2010. Essays should be sent electronically as an attachment (MS Word or PDF format) via the St. John’s University student email account. Send the essays to Caroline Fuchs at or Kathryn Shaughnessy at with the subject line “2009-2010 contest submission.” Essays should contain a title page that includes 1) essay title, 2) student’s name, 3) student’s email address, mailing address & phone number, and 4) name and contact information for supervising faculty

Winners will be honored at a library reception during Research Month in April, in which they will give a short presentation on their research topics. Their essays will be published on the library blog.

For further information concerning the contest and submissions to the essay competition, contact Caroline Fuchs at or call 718.990.5050