Newspapers accessible through ProQuest Historical Newsapers

Newspaper articles accessible through ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Once again, Ken Burns has created a series which re-invigorates interest in an aspect of history that is uniquely American.  If you have been following his most recent series on the National Parks, the pictures and fact-checking which support the fascinating narrative are the result of academic research through lots of primary resources. 

Marvel at Muir?  In a lather about Mather? Awed by Albright? 

Check out our Historical Newspapers collections and discover history as seen though the eyes and reports of the people who lived through it!  Or search through personal letters and journal entries compiled in biographies or autobiographies of the Park heroes  themselves.  They are available in many formats: electronically, in print form, and in microform.   Perform a catalog search for the author,  and use the links on the left-hand side to narrow your search.