REFworks_loginIn case you haven’t seen it, we’ve added a Troubleshooting tab on the RefWorks Guide that addresses some questions our users have raised.  Issues range from broad ( forgotten password — pictured at left) to specific issues (using an upgraded browser on a non-St.John’s-issued laptop from off-campus).

We will continue to update the LibGuide, the troubleshooting tab and this blog  according to the frequency with which new questions are posed to our RefWorks crew  and according to how new technologies or updates  impact RefWorks users.

Please note,  if neither the RefWorks LibGuide tutorials nor the troubleshooting page answer your questions, you can always email us at to get help.   

When you email us, please take a screen shot* of your computer screen at the point/s-of-problem  so that we have a better idea of what you are seeing when you have difficulty.  Please also let us know what what kind of computer you are using (PC, MAC, etc.) what browser you are using  (FireFox, IE6 or IE7) and what Operating System you are using (Vista, XP, Mac Jaguar etc.)

(*To take a screen shot press Shift+PrtSc and paste (Ctrl+V) the image/s into a Word Document and attach the document to your email.)