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Whether you are  Twitterphilic, Twitterphobic or are merely mildly curious about what all the hub-bub is about,  there is an interesting Twitter visual — (accessible in full-flickr-view by clicking on the picture above) entitled Preview: The Twitterverse v1.0 by @BrianSolis & @Jess3” — which provides a glimse of how Twitter interconnects with existing search functions, social networks, trends analysis, communications systems, etc.  Whether you are uninitiated or a die-hard fan, this picture is worth a 100o words in explaining why Twitter seems to be so influential in current communications and business cirlces.  

If you are still mildly interested, check out Twitter in Plain English and EduCause’s 7 Things You Should Know About Twitter.  For more on blogs and microblogs, check out our LibGuide.

Thanks to Michael Stephens’ entry on tametheweb for pointing out this link.