The Memorial Day Weekend always hails the beginning of summer activities, but this year we are also seeing more prominent  “green transportation” intiaitives.  

Last Sunday saw the effective re-zoning of Broadway in Herald Square and Times Square into pedestrian greenways — both to ease traffic and to minimize dangerous accidents.   “The city says that the new plan should actually improve traffic because the diagonal path of Broadway creates three-way intersections in both areas that frequently pile up with cars. With just two roads remaining open, the intersections should be faster [pdf] and safer, [pdf] city officials said.” 

Also this week, the results  of  Thursday’s  8th Annual Great NYC Commuter Race also suggests that  the”Bike bests subway, taxi in NYC rush-hour race.”  In addition to promoting biking as a green and inexpensive way to get around, and  combat obesity and stress, sponsor Transportation Alternatives also encourages cyclists  be sure to follow safety road and biking rules  “to create safer, saner streets”.   If you do head out, on foot or on bicycle, be sure to consult TransAlt’s local maps of  bike paths and greenways

(Congrats to librarian Rachael Myers, this year’s commuter race winner –Pictured center; photo courtesy Transporation Alternatives.  Full disclosure, Ms. Myers is a former work-colleague, and present transit-inspiration, of the author.)