ttlogoThe previous blogpost, covering YouTubeEDU is a fairly recent development on videohosting, emphasized the focus on Higher Education. Those who focus on K-12 education might be interested in TeacherTube which has been around a while: it also has a search box and is browsable by subject and channel.

Following up on Google Books Settlement & Orphan Works: According to an Online Media Story, New York Law School’s Institute for Information Law & Policy is arguing, because of Orphan Works, “federal antitrust authorities should weigh in on the case before the court decides whether to approve the settlement.”

Complications of Copyright in a digital age: While you are there, check out another Online Media article talking about the possible copyright violations associated with giving the gift of a pre-loaded iPod … the gift that President Obama recently gave the Queen.

Thanks to Bernie Sloan for directing us to the Google Update.