Murray Goldberg, founder of WebCT Educational Technologies, has created a new social bookmarking and networking site called Brainify. The beta version was launched last week. Is this just another Web 2.0 tool, or does Brainify have something new to offer?


Brainify is a social bookmarking and networking tool geared toward college and university students and faculty. It is restricted to users who have a “.edu” email address and is designed particularly to be used by the higher education community. Bookmarking is limited to academic sites.  Students and faculty who use the site are able to rate, tag and create a user-based taxonomy which could incorporate hierarchical tags for more effective searching and browsing of web-based academic sites. Networked groups of students with similar class loads will be able to share information about classes, resources and topics. An article that appeared The Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday notes that users will be able to browse bookmarks by academic subjects. A short video introduction to Brainify can be found on YouTube.

Critics of the new site liken Brainify to Wikipedia and opposed it’s email restricted access policy.