This article was originally published 11/11/2005 on the Libraries’ Website.  It is excerpted here for podcast syndication purposes.  

stjliblog_podcast_iconPodcasting is a growing means of communicating information.  This [blog entry] aims to introduce faculty to the role that podcasting is … playing in academia, and provide a preview of some of the podcasting initiatives at the St. John’s University Libraries.


What is a Podcast? 
A podcast is a type of informational broadcast that is saved as an audio file (generally in mp3 format) which can be uploaded to a server, and delivered to listeners at their convenience.  The term “podcast” is somewhat of a misnomer.  The neologism was proposed in order to convey the idea that this type of communication is highly-portable (allowing for place-shifted information access) and could be played back at a time that was most convenient to the audience (allowing for time-shifted information access).  The term podcast also enjoyed the advantage of rhyming with “broadcast,” so innovators capitalized on the association that listeners had with broadcasting and iPods; but, it should be noted that these audio files can be downloaded to any mp3-compatible player, including computer desktops, laptops or a variety personal listening/handheld devices. 


How can the libraries’ podcasts be useful to you?
The St. John’s University Libraries have started to create podcasts of library lectures, student service learning essay winners, an audio tour of the Queens library,  invited guest speakers,  Vincentian Center presentations, as well as faculty and student panels which reflect on academic life and St. John’s experiences.  These projects are aimed at enlivening academic and student-life engagement, enriching faculty resources, and promoting the kinds of mission-oriented projects that make St. John’s a unique educational environment.

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To read more information on the evolution podcasting in academia and on the podcasting initiative at St. John’s Libraries, visit our API LibGuide  or listen to the original 2005 article in podcast form.